Whatsapp Classroom

Civil engineer classroom where you have platform

  • to gain something as well as

  • you can share provide your knowledge to others…


we will publish something related to construction site knowledge 

by text or by website post or by video session

initial base we will started 2 whatsapp group  

which are for mainly gujarati base….

Rules and Regulation for Whatsapp Group

...To know whatsapp classroom... watch it...

  • some time are fixed for all group members

    • every day – 6 pm to 9 pm  => share your query /

      your post (related to civil engineering)

    • every day – 9pm to 10 pm => your opinion/review/suggestion regarding to other post(only technical talks)

    • every Saturday –  6 pm to 9pm  => social media knowledge(instagram/facebook photo share and analysis that -how/where/when its created)

    • every Saturday –  9 pm to 11 pm => try to make general meetup… group chat… (only this time)

  1. Befor or After this mention time all groupe mambers should have to make passions to avoid (faaltu text) text.
  2. Any kind of forwarded message strictly restricted in group.
  3. For any query direct mes to admin by write “whatsapp classroom”
  4. Our main post will be publish once in a week as text or website post or vdo lecture
  5. Some topic will be for group member activity, you should be active in here.
  6. No warning to any one,who break rules…
                     Our older post collect from telegram channel